Sketch Cards

I am doing custom sketch cards in exchange toward $10 donations toward my website and creative endeavours, and most importantly, I will mail your sketch card to you, for free.

Sketch cards are available for a $10 donation via Paypal. Simply make your donation (to hpkomic @, and email the same address with the relevant information (including a sketch card subject and a shipping address) and I will be in contact within the next day or two.

Sketch cards are custom inked and shaded/colored drawings on trading-card sized cardstock. Once you have completed the donation then I will happily draw any character you like on the card. There are just a couple of limitations to ensure I can produce these for you quickly. Please note that I am currently only extending this program to the United States as of now

The sketch card request must: Be a bust shot (or a medium close-up) as these cards have limited real-estate, OR be a mini/chibi/pop rendition of a character. You will need specify what you would like of the above on the order form. Please note that I will not draw pornographic sketch cards.

Sound good? Please view some previous sketch cards I have done in the gallery below. As you can see, I am comfortable with a wide range of art styles and forms. You can ask for your drawing to be accurate to the tv show/comic/manga, or if you’d rather get something in my own style you can get that as well. I have my own style in addition to that mini/chibi/pop style as well.

Donate now and get a sketch card.

Sketch Card Examples