The story so far...

It began with a phone call at 4:44 AM. Historian Mika Briggs was called by a certain Detective Tetsuya about the remains of a Dr. Pavel in the halls of Harcourt Manor, an estate and museum in Harwell, R.I. Dr. Pavel was brutally murdered and the body mutilated burned and the teeth removed, with two Nordic runes carved into the skull.

Two weeks later, while investigating Pavel's archives shortly after his funeral, Mika is confronted on the estate by a Mr. Gary Bouscher who provides her with a letter written by Dr. Parvel regarding the circumstances of his death, and a mysterious artifact: a cloudy spyglass lens called the Dark Lens. Bouscher, nervous, then flees, leaving behind a revolver for Mika's protection. Much of this is covered in the original Dark Lens comic.

"Prologue: A Secret Study (1996 AD)"

Following the clues laid out by the late Dr. Pavel, Mika finds a hidden room in the manor's library and discovers a secret study where Pavel spent a great deal of his time and seemed connected to his grisly fate. Alarmed by recent events, Mika opts to lock the door of the study, though she is alone in the manor. A great deal of material seemed to be laid out for Mika to discover, including a tarnished, silver pendant depicting the hammer of Thor. Following the pulsing of the Dark Lens Mika examines the pendant through the cloudy glass.

"Chapter One: The Strange Shore (996 AD)"

Mika's consciousness is thrown back 1000 years into the body of one Ake Gundrun, a betrayed Shaman who was sent out to sea to die at the whims of his Jarl. Mika and Ake, as a singular entity wake on a funeral pyre erected after a battle with the natives of the land. Ake is the only survivor of the raiding party and recounts the failed raid against the natives of the land. He also is alarmed to see the silent, grey-skinned men passively bringing corpses into the cave for the pyres and ignoring his presence. Ake is wounded in an attempt to escape the cave by an arrow piercing his right thigh. He opts to break the arrow shaft at the wound rather than pull it out. He also find a discarded short spear. Rather than confront the strange grey men, Ake opts to head deeper into the cave, compelled by a mysterious force pulling on his body.

Ake's trek grows more disturbing as the cave seems to stretch on and on, deeper and deeper, into the Earth. While making his way down he encounters not only glowing fungus but the passage of the cave growing impossibly smooth and seamless, as though the passage was constructed. He also encounters the remains of two strange creatures, a large, shelled being, and a tall, impossibly thing beast. Rattled, he presses on and finally makes it out of the cave and into a sunken city.

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