This page is a directory of my daily doodles for 2023. This was my attempt to do illustrations every day possible in 2023, though I started about eight days into the year. After nine weeks of the project, I had to dial it back due to existing scheduling issues. I am currently no longer obligating myself to post a drawing every day. I am still drawing and posting, but I am no longer tracking it in the manner I was.

I will also be crossposting these on Tumblr and Mastodon.

I should update this page once a week with multiple images. This is an ongoing project that began on January 8th, 2023. This is another way to increase the size of my Portfolio – which you can check out any time.

Daily Doodle Gallery

These images will be arranged from newest to oldest. Scroll down to see the older doodles. Please do not edit or redistribute these images without including a link to my website or a social media account I run. I am happy to share these images with you all, but I want people to know who made them.

Please note that these images may include fan art, and I am in no way deriving profit from the images; just expressing my creativity. I do not claim any intellectual property that is not my own.

As of Mid-March, I no longer post weekly collections, instead turning to an ongoing gallery for the rest of the year.

Doodle Gallery

This is a collection of doodles done since mid-March 2023. Given the work for my comics Cosmic Dash and Silver Spiral Stories, many of these illustrations may be development work for those projects.

Week Nine

Had a rough week with a couple of crises that kept me busy. Had to just do actual sketches/doodles for the last three days of the week.

Week Eight

I began the week doing Dreamworks characters and then swapped over to some miscellaneous ones. In addition, my Pooh and Piglet illustration is now available as a shirt or sticker.

Week Seven

This week was the first “pose week,” where I focused on drawing poses pulled from Posemaniacs. I intend to do another pose week as I feel this week went well.

Also, there is a snail. The Daily Doodle projects keep giving.

Week Six

I fell behind during this week and caught up in about two days. Most of the week is character work for different comic concepts based on the podcast Supernatural Selection and my fantasy setting.

Week Five

This week I wanted to draw the Trailer Park Boys. I also included Lahey and Randy because you can’t just have Ricky, Bubbles, and Julian.

Week Four

This week I spent more time re-drawing old character concepts for Ben’s Book of Banned Beasts.

Week Three

This week, I decided to spend multiple days on a character design project featuring my take on Samus Aran from Nintendo’s Metroid series.

Week Two

This week I primarily focused on different character design concepts and styles. I spent some time playing with different line coloring styles. I think my favorite image this week was my take on Donkey Kong.

Week One

In this first week, I did a fair amount of experimentation and challenged myself in several ways. Of the illustrations, I feel that #5, the caricature of Jack Black, was my favorite.

I also set out to include a weekly challenge within these challenges so that I will do a character design based on a letter on Saturdays, the last day of each week. Naturally, I began with the letter ‘A.’

Have a doodle request?

I do not doodle free requests often, but if you have a suggestion for a daily doodle topic, please join the Discord channel and make your suggestions there. I do not guarantee I will do them, but some days I may not have an idea I want to tackle immediately.

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