If you wish to commission me, please read about my rates below. To begin the process, please e-mail me (hpkomic @ with the subject line “Commission” or something similar. For example of the quality of work I deliver, check out and follow my deviantART, instagram, or tumblr accounts.



Commissions are based on steps in the illustration process, with fees attached at each stage.

$5 per character
$5 for every additional character

Line Art $10 per character
Flat Colors $10 per character
Shading $10 per character


$10 for Abstract

$15 for Simple

$20 Complex

+ $15 for 18+ themes/content
(nudity, sexuality, extreme gore)
Example Commission:

$5 for sketch of 3 characters

$30 to ink the characters ($10 x 3)

$30 to flat color the characters ($10 x 3)

$30 to shade the characters ($10 x 3)

$20 for a complex background

Total commission is $115




These are specialized set-price illustrations and services that are designed for quick turn around, with the exception of the text-related services at the end of the table.
Avatar (for forums/twitter/etc., up to 250×250 pixels) $5
Banner/Ad (your assets) $5
Con Badge (digital, does not include lanyard) $15
Con Badge (traditional media, does not include lanyard) $20
Minecraft/MLP Customs $10
Cutie/Mini-character $15
Comic page (pencils) $75
Comic page (inked) $125
Comic page (colored) $175
Comic page (shaded) $225
Flat Coloring Services (artwork provided, per page) $50
Full Coloring Services (shading, etc.) (artwork provided, per page) $100

Text and Editing


I offer editing and writing services at reasonable rates. I am
comfortable editing and revising everything from fan fiction to
academic papers. I have a Bachelor’s in English, and I am currently
working on my Master’s degree in English.
Editing service (per page, all text set to 12pt Times New Roman, double space) $5 per page
Custom Prose (per page, all text set to 12pt Times New Roman, double
$15 per page




Any commissions or existing artwork I have done can be printed and mailed to you. The price covers the cost of the materials and the
Trading Card/Quarter Sheet Postcard $5
8.5×11 Print $15
11×17 Print $20


Discount Details


Multiple discounts may be applied, but discounts may not exceed 50% off of the commission.
Patreon Discount (Requires at least one full cycle of patreon support) 50% off total commission
Referrals (If you refer me to someone who orders a commission…) 25% off commission