page_header If you wish to commission me, please read about my rates below. To begin the process, please e-mail me (hpkomic @ with the subject line “Commission” or something similar. For examples of the quality of work I deliver, check out and follow my deviantART, instagram, or tumblr accounts. You can also refer to the handy quick commission ad that I post to twitter, showcasing some common commissions and their prices. You can track the status of your commission through my Trello board.

Please note that if you are a supporter through my patreon, you get a 30% discount on any commission.



Commissions are based on steps in the illustration process, with fees attached at each stage.

Character Sketch

   $5 per character

Character Line Art

+ $10 per character

Character Shading

+ $10 per character

Background + $5 for Sketch Background

+ $10 for Abstract

+ $15 for Simple

+ $20 for Complex

+ $15 for 18+ themes/content (nudity, sexuality, extreme gore)

Example Commission:  

$15 for sketch of 3 characters

+ $30 to ink the characters ($10 x 3)

+ $30 to flat color the characters ($10 x 3)

+ $30 to shade the characters ($10 x 3)

+ $20 for a complex background    

Total commission is $125



These are specialized set-price illustrations and services that are designed for quick turnaround.

Avatar (for forums/twitter/etc., up to 250×250 pixels)


Banner/Ad (your assets)


Con Badge (digital, does not include lanyard)


Con Badge (traditional media, does not include lanyard)


Minecraft/MLP Customs




Comic page (pencils)


Comic page (inked)


Comic page (colored)


Comic page (shaded)


Flat Coloring Services (your artwork provided, per page)


Full Coloring Services (shading, etc.) (your artwork provided, per page)



Text and Editing

I offer editing and writing services at reasonable rates. I am comfortable editing and revising everything from fan fiction to academic papers. I have a Bachelor’s in English, and I am currently working on my Master’s degree in English. Rates are per page. One page is counted as 12 pt, Times New Roman, double-spaced.

Editing service

Outlining service

Custom Prose