Commission Information

Character Sketch
Character Lined
Character Flat
Character Shaded

Character Illustrations

Character Sketch (per character) $5.00

Character Line Art (per character) $10.00

Character Flats (per character) $15.00

Character Shaded (per character) $20.00

Additional Customization

These are additions to character commissions, as outlined above

Add simple background for single/set commissions + $5.00

Add complex background for single/set commissions + $15.00

NSFW (per character) + $15.00

Source file (per image) + $10.00

Other Art

Comic – Line Art Only (per page) $75.00

Comic – Colored and Shaded (per page) $100.00

Sketch Card – Inked (per card – includes shipping) $20.00

Social Media Icon (per icon) $15.00

Coloring – Flatting/Shading (comics or illustrations) Negotiable

Writing Services

Writing12pt double-spaced (per page) $7.00

Editing12pt double-spaced (per page) $5.00

SEO Services (per post/project) Negotiable

Research Services (for projects) Negotiable

Consulting Services (scripts, plotting, and more) Negotiable

Ready to go?

If you are interested in commissioning David A. Davis for illustration or writing projects, please send an e-mail to hpkomic @, or use the Contact page.

Rights and Attribution

Commissions are offered for commercial and private use only with the singular exception of negotiated for-profit use. Commissioners do not have the right to sell any produced content in any way, shape, or form, including merchandise without prior written consent with the producer, David A. Davis. This includes NFTs.

“I have commissioned HPKomic on several occasions and I am always thrilled with the results. The communication is excellent and they are always a pleasure to work with! It is very refreshing to have an artist you can trust!”


“Timely and friendly, I’ve enjoyed David’s art for a decade now. He has a great sense of cartooning and expression that is delightful.”

– Deft Beck, creator of the webcomic The Bekkoning

Deft Beck

“Open with communication and will keep you up to date about the project’s WIP. Quality toon style art and proficient coloring!”

– Ryan Smith, creator of the webcomic Banished!

Ryan Smith

“Working with David Davis has been, and continues to be an extraordinarily pleasant experience. He’s been 100% on design, he’s punctual and full of interesting ideas and creativity. I hope we have a long future working together!.”

– Jesse Moskel, CEO and founder at

Jesse Moskel

“I appreciate a lot of things about Davis’ work, but I’m particularly amazed at the sheer variety of things he can skillfully render – I’ve had him do humans, robots, anthro characters, environments, you name it, and he’s been able to deliver.”

– Gage Lippolt, creator of Key to the Future’s Fate

Gage Lippolt

Coming Soon

Coming Soon