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Cosmic Dash isn’t just Davis’ creation; all of the feedback and creative energy the rest of the community provides helps to shape the vision of this sprawling universe. It’s been a joy reading the comic, but the real fun of joining in as a creator is getting to better know the others who want to see the vision of it through to the end. And in a galaxy-sized story like this, there’s always room for more voices to join in that conversation.” – Gage Lippolt

Always More Fun With Friends

If you enjoy what you have seen on my websites, such as my comics, fiction, articles, and radio show, then you’re welcome to join me in producing more great stuff. I am always looking for people to join me when creating new content.

The easiest way is to follow me on Twitter and share what you like. I post all my projects on Twitter as they update so you’ll never miss an update. Sharing my work on social media is a fundamental support system and enables me to produce more content because of more potential eyes on it.

You can also join me on my official Cosmic Dash channel at the Comicadia Discord to share your thoughts. I am pretty much always there, so I am easy to reach. You’ll even meet some fans who I have worked with for a long time.

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Ko-fi is a service that allows fans and supporters to donate to me through Paypal to help produce the content I am already making. Extra funds get poured into additional projects as well. It is the easiest way to join me in creating new material – small donations go a long way.

Ko-fi offers a subscription service, which I have set to $1 a month. Every supporter who subscribes at $1 a month makes a world of difference for me. I utilize subscriptions to pay for material, web hosting, and to hire help in creating more content.

Please consider subscribing to my work through Ko-fi. Single donations are equally welcome as well.


I have a variety of content and resources available on Gumroad. This includes resources for making comics and ebooks.

Every purchase helps.


I also sell original designs based on my work on a couple of websites. You can get many of these designs on different products such as shirts, stickers, and sweaters.

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Cosmic Dash: Volume 1

You can also purchase the first volume of Cosmic Dash directly from Jarlidium Press.