How It Works

This page is an archive of the Hash It Out hashtag game on Mastodon. Each hashtag will be listed and linked to the “winning” toot. Note that the “winning” toot is just whatever made me laugh the most – there is no real benefit to being listed as a winner of the featured hashtag game.

The rules of Hash It Out are incredibly simple:

1. Post funny responses to the #HashItOut hashtag
2. Don’t be a jerk

A new hashtag goes out every Midnight PST Monday through Friday, and throughout the day, the account boosts jokes in the hashtag.

If you want to play this game, follow the #HashItOut hashtag and account on Mastodon and make jokes when the new hashtag goes up!

Gallery of Hashtag Games

Hashtags update daily except for the weekend games, which update on Sunday. Follow the #HashItOut hashtag game account on Mastodon to play.